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You must be a fan of Noel Fielding. (Well, I mean I suppose you don’t have to be, but then why would you want to join this fanlisting?)

You must fill out the join form with your name (or an online handle), a valid e-mail address, and the country you are from.

You do not need a website to join. But if you would like your website to be listed along with your name on the members page, you’ll need to link back to the fanlisting on your website. Sites that contain hateful/harmful content will not be linked. Your name and country will still be listed.

You do not need to provide a password, but if you don’t choose your own, one will automatically be created for you. All passwords are encrypted and not able to be read by me.

If you need to update or change your information, please use the update form. Do not resubmit your listing.

And that’s it! Go join! =^.^=