Born To Meet You

Ikari Shinji & Kaworu Nagisa
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My name is lilli, AKA Vixen Phillips, and I’m really proud to host Born to Meet You, the Anime Fanlistings Network approved fanlisting for the relationship between Ikari Shinji & Nagisa Kaworu.

The title of the fanlisting comes from the line spoken by Kaworu Nagisa: I think I was born (just) to meet you (this may consist of a few variations, depending on the translation.) I have been a long-time fan of Neon Genesis Evangelion, having watched it since it started hitting the shelves on VHS in Australia back in 1997 and 98, and Kaworu and Shinji were my first introduction to anything approaching same-sex attraction in the media, and soon after the world of yaoi & shounen ai once I hooked my very first iMac up to the internet in late 98.

While I don’t expect all fans of Kaworu and Shinji to see their world through shounen ai-coloured goggles, so much of my writing & art, and my view of the world and my self, have been coloured by this and Evangelion, that I wanted to touch on this in the About section of this website.

Regardless of whether you see any romantic aspect to their relationship, however, their connection is beautiful & tragic, hopeful & sad. Something special, in other words.

When it comes to myself: if you’re interested in more of my writing and creative stuffs, you can find it by joining the nostalgie ciel mailing list or visiting my personal website. There’s even an old-school guestbook you can sign.